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Room temperature controller

On this page, I will introduce the room temperature controller with PIC. This equipment uses two temperature sensors, drives external equipment, and keeps the temperature of the room at preset temperature.
The purpose of this equipment is for preventing room temperature going up with the heat of the computers. Electric cost will become high if an air-conditioner is always operated. Then, I made the equipment which adjusts the temperature of the room automatically using some ventilation fans. The function below preset temperature is a function attached moreover. I think that it can use for temperature control, such as a greenhouse.
Control mode(works over preset or below preset) is changed with a switch.

Two temperature sensors are used.
One is indoor temperature detection and another is open air temperature detection. The ventilation fan to be used is the type which performs inhalation of air and an exhaust gas simultaneously used in a bathroom etc. An open air temperature sensor is for stopping a ventilation fan, when the temperature of the open air is higher than an indoor temperature. Open air temperature detection is used only when using a ventilation fan in summer. Since a winter season does not need to take the open air into the room, control by open air temperature is not carried out.

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