FM Transmitters
Introduction to FM Transmitters
FM Oscillator Calculators - Useful for designing your own VHF oscillators.
RF Transistors - List and specifications of RF transistors.

 Audio Amplifiers
How Amplifiers Work - Characteristics of Class-A, Class-AB, Class-B and MOSFET Amplifiers
How Tubed Power Amplifier Works
Digital vs. Analog Volume Control
How the SPDIF Interface Works
Op Amps for Everyone
Earth Loops and Hum

 EAGLE PCB Tutorials

 PIC Microcontrollers

 Making Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)
Making your own Printed Circuit Boards
How to photo etch a PCB
Make your own PCBs form A to Z
Etching Your Own PC boards
How to make Printed Circuit Boards
PCB exposure, development and etching
Methods PCB fabrication
Build your own UV exposure box with fluorescent like lamps
UV Exposure box with mercury lamp
Make your own Etching Unit
A Cheap and Easy to Make Hobby Etching Tank


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