BH1415 - Stereo PLL FM Transmitter

ROHM's breakthrough wireless IC series incorporates a stereo modulator, frequency synthesizer and high frequency FM transmitter in one IC. ROHM's industry-first wireless IC series not only cuts board space by more than half, it opens up opportunities as unlimited as the designer's imagination. ROHM's innovative chip series enables portable electronic audio sources such as MP3 players, portable CD players, PDAs, video game players, cell phones, and laptop PCs to be connected to a more powerful audio system without cables or even line of sight technology. The features of numerous integrated functional blocks such as a stereo modulator, phase lock loop frequency synthesizer IC, RF oscillator circuitry and various HF circuits are all incorporated on a single BiCMOS IC. External parts count as well as board real estate is slashed. Performance is also increased with a signal-to-noise ratio of better than 70dB.

BH1415F Features
     Built-in pre-emphasis, audio limiter, audio filter circuit
     Built-in PLL frequency synthesizer integrated for stable transmission frequency
     Built-in Stereo Encoder
     Built-in RF Oscillator
     Built-in RF Output Buffer

     Voltage Supply: 4-6V
     Transmission frequency: 70 - 120MHz 100KHz Steps
     Separation: 40dB

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