BH1417 Stereo PLL FM Transmitter Parts

List of components for building BH1417 Stereo PLL FM Transmitter project. Add our 500mW FM / VHF Transmitter Amplifier / Booster for even longer range.

Component List
   1x BH1417 - Stereo PLL Transmitter IC
   1x SOIC 28 to 28 DIP Adapter
   1x 7.6 MHz Crystal
   1x 5.5 Turns Variable Coil
   1x MV2109 Varicap Diode
   1x 4-DIP Switch
   1x MPSA13 NPN Darlington Transistor
   1x 100uF Nichicon Gold Capacitor
   3x 10uF Nichicon Gold Capacitor
   2x 1uF Nichicon Gold Capacitor
   1x 47nF Capacitor
   3x 2.2nF Capacitor
   1x 1nF Capacitor
   1x 330pF Capacitor
   2x 150pF Capacitor
   1x 33pF Capacitor
   2x 27pF Capacitor
   1x 22pF Capacitor
   2x 10pF Capacitor
   1x 22K Resistor
    7x 10K Resistor
   1x 5.1K Resistor
   2x 3.3K Resistor
   1x 100 Ohm Resistor
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