DS18S20 Dual Temperature Meter Kit

This package includes all components including PCB that are needed to build DS18S20 Dual Temperature Meter Kit with 16 x 2 LCD display with green backlight and two DS18S20 digital temperature sensors. Meter can display both Celsius and Fahrenheit values (together or individually) and is capable of measuring temperatures from -55 to 127 degrees Celsius (-67 to 260 degrees Fahrenheit). An excellent feature of this temperature meter is that it can measure temperatures remotely. DS18S20 sensors can be placed many meters away from the main circuit because they send the temperature readings as data, just over a two wire cable. DS18S20 sensors require no calibration at all, which means that all temperature readings are 100% accurate out of the box. PIC Dual Temperature Meter includes 6 display modes for arranging temperature information on LCD display to your own preference. Simply press and hold Display Mode tactile button for one second to switch to the next display mode. Display mode is automatically saved in non-volatile EEPROM memory so meter retains selected mode even after power is disconnected.

     Voltage Supply: 7.5V - 15V
     Power Consumption: ~ 10mA with LCD backlight / ~ 3mA without LCD backlight
     Display Modes: 6 - For arranging temperature information on LCD display to your own
preference. Modes can be set to append numbers "1:", "2:" & "Out:", "In:" labels so it is easier to identify connected DS1820 temperature sensors.

Component List
   1x 16 x 2 LCD Display with Green Backlight
   1x Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
   1x PIC16F628A Pre-programed microcontroller
   2x DS18S20 1-Wire Digital Temperature Sensor
   1x 78L05 5V Voltage Regulator
   1x 1 x 16 Female Header (for PCB)
   1x 1 x 16 Male Header (for LCD)
   1x 4-PIN Male Header
   1x 2-PIN Male Header
   1x 10K Trimmer Potentiometer
   1x 10K Resistor
   2x 1K Resistor
   1x 33 Ohm Resistor
   1x Tactile switch
   1x Instruction Manual
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