TDA7000 FM Receiver (Parts)

This simple one chip FM receiver / TV tuner will allow you to receive frequencies from 70 up to 120MHz. With this small receiver it is possible to pick up TV stations, entire 88 - 108MHz FM band, aircraft conversation and many other private transmissions. It is a perfect companion to any FM Transmitter especially if FM band in your area is very crowded. TDA7000 receiver offers very good sensitivity therefore it will even allow you to pickup weaker signals that cannot be heard on conventional FM receivers. A neat feature of presented TDA7000 FM receiver is a voltage controlled oscillator similar to TV tuners that are used in television sets. Frequency is tuned by varying the input voltage to the oscillator. The advantage of this type of oscillator is that you can use regular 100K potentiometer to precisely tune to a given broadcast. Tuning can be performed much quicker and precisely than by using a trimmer (variable capacitor). Trimmers will also shift the frequency as you touch them where potentiometer will not. Trimmer also needs to be placed on receiver's PCB to minimize the stray capacitance where potentiometer can be conveniently placed anywhere you want because it will not be affected by any external capacitance.

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Component List
   1x TDA7000
   1x 18-PIN IC Socket
   1x 5.5T Variable Coil
   1x MV2105 - Varicap Diode
   1x 100K Potentiometer
   1x 100K Resistor
   1x 22K Resistor
   1x 10K Resistor
   3x 100nF Capacitor
   1x 22nF Capacitor
   1x 10nF Capacitor
   2x 3.3nF Capacitor
   1x 2.2nF Capacitor
   1x 1nF Capacitor
   2x 330pF Capacitor
   2x 220pF Capacitor
   2x 180pF Capacitor
   1x 150pF Capacitor
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