10uF / 35V ELNA SILMIC II Audio Capacitor

The SILMIC II series are Elna's highest grade audio aluminum electrolytic capacitors that exhibit superior acoustic characteristics. An entirely new type of electrolytic separating paper is used, containing silk fibers. The extreme softness of silk can mitigate vibrational energy (generated by the electrodes, by external vibrations and by electromagnetic fields). Due to it's new electrolytic and foil design the signal propagation speed has increased (the ESR is reduced) and a more powerful, yet-mellow, sound is possible than before. When these capacitors were subjected to aural evaluations, the high range peak and midrange roughness were reduced substantially. Also, the low range richness and power were increased in the obtained high-quality sound.

     SIMIC II Highest Grade Audio capacitor
     Uses Silk Fibers
     Low ESR
     Oxygen-free Copper Lead Wires (provide extremely low distortion)
     Excellent for Power Amplifier / SACD / CD Player Upgrades
     Fidelity is similar to Black Gate capacitors yet at much lower cost

     Dimensions: 8 mm x 12 mm (W x L)
     Lead Spacing: 2 mm
     Vinyl sleeve is of brown finish with �SILMIC II� mark
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