ESR Meter / Transistor Tester / LC Meter Kit

ESR Meter / Transistor Tester / LC Meter kit is an amazing auto-ranging multimeter that automatically identifies and analyzes components being tested. It measures ESR values, capacitance (100pF - 20,000uF), inductance (10uH - 20H), resistance (0.1 Ohm - 20 MOhm), tests many different types of transistors such as NPN, PNP, FETs, MOSFETs, Thyristors, SCRs, Triacs and many types of diodes. It also analyzes transistor's characteristics such as voltage and gain. It is an irreplaceable tool for troubleshooting and repairing electronic equipment by determining performance and health of electrolytic capacitors. Unlike other ESR Meters that only measure ESR value this one measures capacitor's ESR value as well as its capacitance all at the same time.

Electrolytic capacitors are by far the electronic parts that suffer aging soonest. If you have any electronic equipment that over the years has degraded its performance, developed quirks, sometimes ending in complete failure, the chances are good that one or more electrolytic capacitors inside it have degraded, causing the problem. Electrolytic capacitors age in several ways: They can become electrically leaky, causing a DC current through them that can make them blow up. They can shift in capacitance value. But the most common way they degrade, by far, is by unduly increasing their equivalent series resistance, which is the undesired internal resistance that appears in series with the wanted capacitance at a given frequency.

     ESR Measurements: 2.2uF - 20,000uF
     ESR Resolution: 0.01 Ohm
     Capacitance Measurements: 100pF - 20,000uF
     Inductance Measurements: 10uH - 20H
     Resistance Measurements: 0.1 Ohm - 20M Ohm
     Tests and identifies PINs of all transistors: Bipolar (NPN, PNP), FETs, MOSFETs (N-Channel, P-Channel, enhancement-mode and depletion-mode MOSFETs), Thyristors, SCRs and Triacs.
     Tests and identifies PINs and voltage of diodes, dual diodes, varicap diodes (and their capacity), zener diodes (test voltage up to 5V) and LEDs.
     Power Requirements: 7-16V / 9V Battery
     Current Consumption: 40mA

Component List
   1x ESR Meter / Transistor Tester Kit PCB
   1x 16 x 2 LCD Display with Green Backlight
   1x ATMEGA328 Programmed microcontroller
   1x 28-DIP IC Socket
   1x 16-PIN Gold Plated Male Header (LCD)
   1x 16-PIN Gold Plated Female Connector (PCB)
   1x 3-PIN Gold Plated Machined Female Socket
   1x 2-PIN Gold Plated Male Header
   1x 78L05 5V Voltage Regulator
   1x Tactile Switch
   1x 10K LCD Contrast Potentiometer
   1x 100uF Panasonic Capacitor
   1x 1000pF Capacitor
   2x 100nF Capacitors
11 x 1% Metal Film Resistors
   1x ESR Meter manual with schematic and assembly instructions
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