Stereo Encoder / Multiplexer Kit

Stereo Encoder / Multiplexer kit enables stereo audio broadcast through any mono FM transmitter. It connects to mono FM transmitter's audio input and converts it into HI-FI Stereo FM Transmitter. NJM2035 IC features rock solid stereo MPX and PILOT clock based around 38KHz crystal. Stereo encoder is supplied by 1.5 - 3 Volts and draws only 2mA of current. Built-in stereo pre-emphasis enhances and produces crystal clear audio output. NJM2035 chip is manufactured by NJR CORPORATION (JRC), a subsidiary of New Japan Radio, a company that is known as the world's best manufacturer of high end professional audio semiconductors.

     Audio Input: Stereo (Left + Right audio channels)
     Output: MPX (connects to mono FM transmitter's audio input)
     SNR: 67dB
     Channel Separation: 40 dB
     Power Supply: 1.5 - 3V
     Operating Current: 2mA
     Dimensions: 1" x 1.75" (28mm x 46mm)

Component List
   1x NJM2035 IC
   1x PCB with Red Solder Mask
   1x 14-DIP IC Socket
   1x 38KHz Crystal
   1x 50K Potentiometer
   1x 33uF Panasonic Capacitor
   1x 10uF Panasonic Capacitor
   4x 100nF Capacitors
   2x 1nF Capacitors
   1x 100pF Capacitor
   1x 10pF Capacitor
   1x 10K 1% Metal Film Resistor
   2x 47K 1% Metal Film Resistors
   1x 82K 1% Metal Film Resistor
   1x Manual with schematic and instructions
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